"★★★★ BITS is like running into a stranger who is just so charming, entertaining and insightful that you end up hanging out with him all night and then wonder where the time went. And it’s no wonder. Kearns is an irrepressible delight." -CBC Manitoba

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"BITS" was selected by CBC Canada Writes as one of the "top-ten must-see shows of the season" featuring some of "the most promising writing at this year's Fringe." - CBC Canada Writes

"BITS smells like awesome, goes down like a vodka-cocktail out of a twirly straw, and leaves a thought-provoking aftertaste. And Patrick Kearns is delightfully quirky, heartbreaking, and flamboyantly funny all at the same time. See this play. Then see it twice. " Sarah Towle - CBC Radio

"Threading it all together is his ability to reinvent the ordinary and his ear for wordplay. A storytelling gem in the making. Keep an eye out for Kearns." - Edmonton Journal

"The most inspiring & well-crafted show at last year’s ArtsWells Festival. The man is talented, a cock-eyed visionary with his ducks in a row. Not many funny men have the touch of a poet to the extent [Kearns] has... Heart of a folksinger, the timing of a comedian, a dress from the cabaret." - C.R. Avery

"Patrick Kearns is an endlessly compelling performer... the structure is genius ...his jokes are sharp and delivered with pinpoint accuracy and the show is very moving without being sentimental...Magic happened that Year In Review: Top 25 Plays of 2014 (#10: "BITS")

"Charming, insightful, and funny. It’s astonishing just how much Kearns packs into an hour-long performance." - Vue Weekly

"He gets big laughs from small truisms and over-the-top jokes alike."- CVV Magazine

"A slick motor mouth that machine guns one liners left, right and centre." - Marble Theatre Review

"Patrick Raymond Joseph Kearns has an irrepressible spirit...Kearns possesses a beautiful natural voice...he writes songs that are catchy, full of innuendo and definitely hummable...What definitely stands out in his storytelling is his ability to present dark comedy...It’s always a pleasure to watch people claim their place in the universe and simply go for it." -

"Kearns — a fringe theatre first-timer — is obviously a talented, likeable comedian." -Times Colonist

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Praise for "The Scarlet Queen of Mercy"

"Consistently and wittily in character, Patrick Kearns delivers one of the best acting performances of the night." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight