The ALL-SINGING, ALL-DANCING, ALL-OUT EXTRAVAGANZA "The Scarlet Queen of Mercy" took over the Romantic Russian Hall for the month of May 2015, featuring romance, hijinks, and six brand new songs by Patrick Kearns. 

This immersive theatrical experience transported audiences to the film set of a massive 1950's musical. The splashiness, the spectacle, and the music were the biggest thing to hit Vancouver since the rain. 

" The songs ...  are impressively right-on for the period and often clever... Consistently and wittily in character, Patrick Kearns delivers one of the best acting performances of the night." 

- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight "


Written and performed by Aaron Malkin, featuring original songs by Patrick Kearns 

Thunderfoot is a comedic, heartbreaking, and gripping performance of a child’s journey to find out the truth behind his mother’s disappearance. Malkin masterfully switches between stand-up comedy, physical comedy, multi-character vignettes, and original songs to take you on a fantastical adventure into the mind of a 5-year old boy.

Thunderfoot was nominated BEST COMEDY by Just for Laughs.

"There are songs in the show with lyrics by Patrick Kearns ...  that will rip your heart open, enhanced by Malkin’s lovely, emotionally charged vocals."

-London Free Press


A cabaret-style variety duo starring Kat Single-Dain and Patrick Kearns as Gloria and Grenda. 

Featuring seven original songs by Patrick Kearns

 Gloria and Grenda may be over the hill, but they are running down the other side. 

Spunky, blunt, and probably alcoholic, Gloria and Grenda bring us back to Broadway with an overpriced cabaret brimming with song, dance and love! 

Find out why these leggy ladies are legends in laughter, love, and litigation.